You have 15 Minutes!!

I am a Dictator from the Planet Zog, you have 15 minutes to gather what you want, 3 things, then you are leaving, ready or not!!!

Zog is no more and Earth looks like a nice planet for my home now………..

Actually I feel generous, it is a nice day, you have 30 minutes and here are a few caveats as well –

  1. Your important documents like insurances and passports are already in your hand.
  2. Your birth certificates and any marriage and death certificates you also have.
  3. You do not need financial things, finances are no longer an issue.
  4. You have any immediate family members, you want, with you, such as chidren, partners or parents.
  5. Your bag of holding will take unlimited size, but, only 5 things maximum each. See I have added 2 things, I am so nice!!
  6. Forget things such as medicines or medical aids such as wheelchairs they are no longer needed, so not all bad!!
  7. Forget lots of outfits, unless a specific outfit is vital to you, basic clothes are no longer an issue.
  8. Your sepecific Wedding ring and personal, always worn, jewellery does not count. this does not mean you suddenly start wearing everything, I will know!!!

So think about things, what would you really take? Forget the Aston Martin you will not need this, or the Silver Teapot it is no longer worth anything. What is there actually in all the paraphenalia of modern life that you really could not live without?

I got asked this question earlier and it made me sit up and think.

What do I really need to remind me, does some tangible object really matter?

I wear my Fathers old wedding ring on my finger, it seems like part of me I have worn it a long time. I have a bracelet on I have worn since my wife gave it to me for our 10th anniversary, and of course my own wedding ring I have never removed for nearly 25 years, but that really does not count, why would I ever remove it.

So I looked around………….

I love watches, and cufflinks, pens and ties!! I have strange rituals about how things have to go togehter, such as you  would never wear a black belt with brown shoes, and ties and cufflinks are the same, silver cufflinks and a wrong colour tie is a no-no, novelty cufflinks and ties are also a no go area, as are socks!! and whilst we talk of socks you would not wear black socks with blue trousers, get a blue pair!!!! So as it shows I am a bit strange. I am as bad with Pens and watches…….. A pen should be a proper pen, not a BIC Biro type, there is nothing wrong with a cheap throw away, I just want a proper pen by Cross or Montblanc. A Parker or Waterman maybe, watches are the same, a cheap battery Casio is fine, I just prefer an Automatic Seiko or a Touchscreen Tissot, it is just a personal thing!!

But would I really take these 3 items if I could take just 5?? Of all the things I have all the special nik-naks that I say I really need to see, are these 3 of the really special items? will I need cufflinks, do I have to write or tell the time?

What about all the memories caught on photos, the shots of the children as babies or toddlers. The pictures of those past? Or do I actually have stronger memories in my head and the photos are not really needed, think about it, 30 minutes is all we have, if I took the photo I must have seen it to take it, so it must be in my memory somewhere.

So what have I actually got that I can’t live without? I am very fussy about the type of toilet paper I use, but I don’t think that counts, I like my fishing takle I use with my Son, but again why would I grab this when I could just buy more. The Pen, watch and cufflinks are starting to look a good idea now……..

What about clothes, do I have a specific shirt, coat or jumper I could not live without? Do my shirts, that mean so much to me right now, mean enough to take with me in a flight situation?

A book, does a certain book mean so much that I don’t have it on my Kindle, ooohhh now there is a thought, the Kindle is a thing that I might consider, that is a real possibility, I do like my Kindle, a lot!! or would I be better of with this laptop instead with the Kindle App? now it gets hard, the 30 minutes is ticking past!!

And I could go on and on, there might be a certain record, or song, but is that now here on the laptop, there could be a special plate or cup that means so much to me, I don’t think there actually is, but, the whole thought process has opened up a huge debate, what would we actually take????

Here is reality, I have a feeling that eBay might be having a few more things on it, my house may be a little emptier, from this citizen of Earth, having to run away with the bear minimum, I am finally seeing that I do not actually need physical things to satisfy this belief I have that I must have something to hold onto, in the same way that I realised I did not need to keep my old toothbrushes, a long story from a very long time ago, I think I am seeing the same about “stuff” that is actually little more than clutter causing me to never just move forward.

Or am I wrong…………..


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