What is Christmas………..

Everytime i turn on the televison all I now see is things for Christmas!!

It is the most wonderful time of the year………..

But is Christmas a time of the year to wait with baited breath for, or is it actually a real problem because of the expectations it brings forward? Is it a time to be rejoiced or feared?

Bah – Humbug!!

Let’s just view the basics, the plain and simple facts that make up Christmas –

  • There is little or no dispute that about 2000 years ago a child was born and named Jesus.
  • There is also little or no dispute that his mother was called Mary and his “father” was Joseph.
  • The baby was probably not born on December 25th, however, this day is as good as any!!
  • The religion of Christianity sprung up around this child, and has lasted ever since.
  • The whole passage of this event,and Jesus’s life was in the middle east and mainly in the country known as Israel.
  • The whole Christmas thing is to celebrate the birth of the child.

Now let’s look at Christmas in modern reality…………

Has the western world taken Christmas as an excuse for a retail bonanza? have they forgotten wht Christmas is actually about?

My view is very agnostic, I was brought up Jewish, my wife, and therefore my children, are Christian, but very not in any way practicing. I have worked alongside some very Christian people, and admire their faith. My children can choose for themselves, even if it is a roast chicken on a Totem Pole, the religion, if any they want to follow. So in many ways my families Christmas is not really a pure celebration of the birth of Jesus.

And this is Christmas, regardless of our beliefs, the 25th of December and the surrounding days, are national holidays. In the west we are in a christin society that is following Christian principles.

To counteract the situation, and keep everyone happy, some places, like Birmingham in the UK, have renamed the festival Winterval. I feel this is a pointless, and needless, name for the very obvious period. Does this not highlight to other faiths the period, does it not cause awkwardness??

Maybe I can state how Christmas should be seen……….

Not a shopping festival, where lists are proffered to us that resemble the Argos Catalogue, not a period where we are assaulted continually by adverts and shops thrusting things at us, and not a period to rush off shopping, as early as possible, on the 26th December.

Should the few days off not be used to allow people, friends and family to get together, safe in the knowledge that thet are “off the roundabout” and with no pressure. Don’t let this be spoiled by the expecation of others, and present lists with the subsequent dissapointment this can cause, if a person wants nothing, expects nothing but good company and maybe food. Nothing except a few days to let everything go and just enjoy the peace and also the company, or if anted, solitude, that the day affords.

And so, I am the first, no doubt, to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to one and all, safe in the knowledge that, to me at least,the period is one, pissibly the only time, to relax a little.

To one and all.



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