The Sun is Out……….

The sun is Out, the Sky is Blue, but it’s Raining in my heart!!

NO IT ISN’T………….

The sun is out and the sky is blue, it is also over 30 Degrees he near London and today is Midsummer Day, the start of the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year is here. Today is the summer solstice when the UK gets to enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight. The sun rose at 4:43am today and sets at 9:31pm.

Thousands of people went to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise, a fitting start to a true Druid festival. So Summer Solstice is important to druids, but to the general man in the street there is more to this.Generally it is known as Midsummer Day, it is 6 months into the year, and, frighteningly, the start of the run down to Christmas. December 21st the Druids see as the Winter Solstice. The rest of us may spare a thought to this, but, in general, with just 4 days left until Christmas, we are probably rushing around sorting the last things for the Big Day, I suppose we may have a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine out of respect for the day, however, as life is we are normally rushing around oblivious.

So why is the Summer Solstice more recognised? Why is June an easier date to sit up and think?

I think it might be a very simple answer –

  • January – we are still recovering from Christmas. Get the coffee out!! And as a gift use this voucher JAMES-0BU9A to get a £5 discount!!!!
  • February – Other than Valentines day, and Shrove Tuesday, which is the day when everything nice in the house goes and Lent starts. Also saying you are giving up “Bubble Baths” for lent just does not cut it!!
  • March – A small glimmer of spring may appear, the odd snowdrop, however 1 flower is not spring and it is still drab and cold.
  • April – At least Easter comes along, Lent finishes and the chocolate appears. Hotel Chocolat time!!
  • May – At least it is getting warmer……….
  • JUNE – 6 months gone, it is summer, and hopefully, warm, and then, on the 21st is a celebration of Midsummer as it is called. We all know that it should be lovely in July and August, and often September too, but this day is recognised as being the middle!!

And this is why it is special, it is the middle of the year, the start of the Christmas run up, suddenly the long summer holidays from school are a few weeks away, and then September and the Last Night of the Proms. is this not also the end of summer??

And then it starts with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and the true Christmas start after these events. For 2017 the true Midsummer is the 24th of June, a Saturday, what could be better, Midsummer and Christmas in June, it is party time!!!

And so, the Sun is out, and the Sky is Blue. Spend a few minutes thinking of the next 6 months, they will be busy, and for the first time since last Christmas, a proper festival is just peeping over the horizon. Now come back to today, pour a cold drink, whatever takes your fancy, couple it with something nice to nibble on, and then rejoice the Solstice and raise that glass to the future, it is looking good, good, good.


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