3rd June 2017

I find it hard to enter another post about more atrocities. Whilst atrocities happen around the world, every day, the one on the 3rd of June was here, in London, and has come just over a week after the last one in Manchester. Once again I am stating my gratitude to all the emergency services involved, and armed forces, and especially the normal, “man on the street” who has stepped up, again, and offered help and support without limitation.

Let us, and in no professional way, and only my opinions, look at this though………

At around 10pm last night a small group, probably just three, of murderers wreaked terror on the busy streets of London. Do these people warrant the title of terrorist, or are they just plain and simple murderers?

A terrorist, by definition, has an objective, the definition says  “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

Where did politics come into last night. If it was a targeted attack, on a certain race or religion, that would make it sort of political. The murders last night did not discriminate, driving into as many random people as they could, and then knifing more random people cannot be focused. Is this not three lunatics committing a crime of hideous proportions? 

Murder, the dictionary says this is  “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.” Surely that is a much more accurate description of last night?

There can be little difference between these killers and any other murder –  the person who kidnaps and murders people, the taking of a child to torture them and kill, the people who drink, or take drugs, and then through intoxication, murder other road users or pedestrians?

In fact, the three from last night, may believe in their heads that they are going to paradise and being given numerous virgins as a thank you, but actually they are not removed from common murderers. How does ramming a car into pedestrians differ from many drunk drivers? The only difference is that these lunatics then got out of their vehicle and finished the job with knives.

Are these common murderers not being given a certain status by labelling them as terrorists, is the West not actually glorifying their crimes by suggesting there was a political motive behind the actions? Are they now not being hailed as “Martyrs to a cause” amongst their peers?

Let me make something very clear here.

I have no discriminating feelings against ANYONE. I do not care what race, creed or colour a person is. I have sat in Jerusalem, on a table with Arabs, Israelis, English and French. We laughed and joked. We shared our cigarettes and drank coffee. At no point was there any malice or prejudice, we sat and chatted, talked rubbish and laughed at stupidity. All religions were there, and yet not a single person cared. It will be said that this latest attack is all down to being Muslim, however, I say No. 

The attack last night was down to Extremists, who actually could have been any race, right now it is seen as Muslims, an Islamic attack on England. Not long ago it could well have been Catholic against Protestant as the IRA bombed and murdered, its way through the 1970’s and 80’s. Once again atrocities being called terrorism. The difference here is there was at least a small political agenda.

There is bad in all walks of life. The murderers of last night were extremists, who felt in their minds they had a cause, a point to prove. I feel that 98% of people, maybe even more, do not have any strange ideas, no desire to carry out atrocities. Does Mr. Patel, or Mr. Smith, Mr. Horowitz or Mr, O’Leary,  who runs the shop down the road feel any different to anyone else today? Are we not all merely sickened? Because we are all just normal people………..

I was told years ago to find good out of any situation, if you like the silver lining.

So here is a thought, a hope that comes out of last night, a “sliding doors” moment.

Can we hope that when Mary Brookes needed help last night, John Brown gave this support, maybe it was Tariq Khan, or Adisa Okunwo, and from this moment in time they agree to meet again. In normal circumstances they would never have met, let alone again. From this chance meeting, where help was offered, without hesitation or agenda, how would it be if a romance blossomed and from here a wedding, children and a whole life?

Through that one second meeting a whole new path is carved out, and, through that, and other similar experiences, the Murderers, Terrorists or any other title given, will never properly succeed in any cause they feel their actions are helping. All that the atrocity has achieved is more hate towards extremism, and, let us hope, some new and flourishing personal partnerships!!