Sweet Shop Friday!!

I want to remind people of their childhood…………..

How many of us were taken to the Sweet Shop on a Friday, after school, clutching our pennies in hand as we went into the sweetshop to spend this money upon sweets for the weekend?

Penny sweets galore!!

I clearly remember my infant school days, in the village I grew up in there were two proper sweetshops, however, the small one, on the High Street, was the one we mostly used.

It was owned and run by a little, round, old lady. the wall behind the counter was full of jars of sweets, sherbert and liquorice. All of these tempting jars were there for us to buy sweets in 40z packets, or even 2oz if we wanted. If we had a ridiculously rich week, and had saved our pennies for a few prior weeks, we might be able to buy 8oz, and then we would be gorgerd, suffering from a sugar rush all weekend.

However, the biggest joy was queing up to spend our money on individual items from a small glass cabinet that “Mrs. McDonald”, the owner, sat beside to help us choose, and let us be honest here, we are talking about spending 20 pence. To us this was a fortune, we could fill the small paper bag with sweets, delights ranged on shelves according to their price, 1 penny up to the expensive shelf with items of 5 pence or more!! Was this the origin of the modern day “Pick n Mix”?

Sweet Shop Friday
Food glorious food
Sweets, Sweets, Sweets!!
Sweet Shop Friday!!

Jumping forward, and frighteningly, 40 years, my own children, well the two still at school, and even though they are 13 and 16 respctively, Sweetshop Friday is an accepted and known event. Friday they are not picked up from school, but no, they walk, actually walk, to the village that we now live in, Sweet Shop.

Their is a difference. I was given maybe 20 pence, my children have £2.00, and then they buy bottles of drink, big packets of crips, and as a small tribute to the past, they might also buy something by Haribo.

How times change……..

Am I just being romantic, am I reminiscing to much? Do I see the Sweet Shop trips with rose coloured glasses?

I say “No”, how can a trip to the Sweet Shop, on a Friday as a treat, or if you like a reward, for the week at school that is finishing not be eagerly anticipated and a happening to focus upon?

So I have an idea, let’s restart Sweetshop Friday. I say implement it, and not just for our children, why can it not be for us as well? Decide on a Sweet Shop to use and become a regular and trusted user. Every Friday go along and spend a couple of pounds on delicious treats to hord over the weekend, eat slowly and see if we can keep the sweets until Monday.

It is a challenge for all, reinvent Sweetshop Friday. Make the week go quicker as we approach the day. Feel the excitement grow, and remember the anticipation we had as we walked to the shop. Have that small and precious excitment again. Let our own children experience the joy we had.

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