Story time…….

We all have a story, it is made up of the events that have happened to shape us. It is growing all the time and reflects “Us” to the rest of the world.

What if we don’t like the story, or there are events that are part of it that we wish never happened??

How do we know the events that change our path are corect, what if they need changing so the path we follow is the one we want to?

We all put things into our stories that may not have happened, or did not quite happen as we said. Call it embelishement or just making things up, the thing is that we believe them too, they become happenings that really happened. And we tell others how good they were and what we did. We are sure they happened, our brain is sure they happened, so they must of……

As we often believe what never happened, it is also possible to change our Story to make sure the path we are following is the one we want to follow. At this early stage we can just dream the path we want, just dream of the events that need to happen. They could be new events or to make on old one “better”. We are not saying take an event and just make it seem as though you are the hero, however, we are saying a small modification can make a scary event not as scary, and as you find yourself in the same position again, your brain tells you the new story and it is no longer scary!!

Let us elaborate on this so it makes sense.

Let’s assume that going down a lane, a dog jumped over a gate and chased you, maybe even bit you as well. Everytime you go down that lane a wave of fear passes over you. What if the dog jumps out again, what if chases you? It is not even known if the dog still lives here!! 

To walk down that lane and not feel a never ending anxiety, the memory will need adapting.

So close your eyes and visualise the event, but change it, in your minds eye a dog never jumped the gate, and, never chases you anywhere. Still not happening? Imagine the dog as a cartoon character, maybe a funny dog, or, maybe it is a balloon dog, a funny colour with 5 legs!! It is our imagination we are visualising, so see what you want. How can anyone be afraid of a balloon dog??!!  Now keep visualising this event, with the cartoon or balloon dog, a lot, over the coming couple of weeks. When you are sat quietly, or in bed before you go to sleep, see the “New Event” the one where a balloon dog floats over the gate and just blows away as balloons do, or a cartoon dog leaps over the fence and then rolls around going “Yip-Yip”, either way it stops being scary and is just funny. After telling your brain that the new version is correct, the brain will adopt the visual over a very short time. Walk down the lane, past the house, no anxiety, your brain is saying “oh look, the balloon dog floated out here!!” and this is where the story is modified to match the needs.

It is a fact that belief shapes our story, if we believe the world is flat, and enough others also tell us this, then the world is flat!! Forget the photo’s we have seen, the earth must be flat. 

So believe what we want, “I want a Jaguar Car”, so believe that you will gt this, create the memory and visualise it, the new car will not be outside waiting tomorrow, however, believe it will happen, and for sure a new Jaguar will be within your grasp soon. Past events can be modified to remove fear, and thus a new memory can be made to shape the future. Like a film script it can always be rewritten; and that is your life, see it as a film, see yourself as the films star and then create the path you want to go down. Make the story, star in the story, believe what is being followed, and watch the path of your life also take the route and happenings of the story.

Now there is more to what can be achieved and how to do this, but, this small entry is a start, and, will help shape the initial. Think of a scary memory, realise that whenever the event happens you get scared, and then, change the story to stop this…………

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