As the seasons change and the season of Summer moves into Autumn is it still correct to view the times of change as set in stone?


A few weeks ago, on one of the morning television Chat Shows, an “old time” farmer was explaining that the seasons had come to fruition 21 (twenty one) days early. He was very specific, not about 21 days, or around 3 weeks, NO 21 days!! As a farmer he was able to justify things by expaining how buds on trees, crops growing and the weather totally showed a 21 day shift. He also stated that winter would be hard this year, but, that is yet to be seen……………

Is he correct? have the traditional months of change been moved, are things now 21 days early?

He could be correct, today is the 15th September, it is cold and has been wet. The Indian Summer has not happened, or was it 3 weeks ago at the end of August? If things have shifted back by 3 weeks we are now seeing the weather normally seen in October, is this quite accurate? The weather forcast suggested it may snow in Scotland the other night, admittedly Northern Scotland, but really, snow in September??!!

The farmer who made this statement was a proper old time farmer, he even spoke with an “oo ar” type of lilt, he has spent his life watching nature and how it performs. His livelihood depends on knowing what nature is going to deliver next, would he not know, more than the computer buff meteorologist, the real story?

As summer clings on with an ever decreasing finger hold, the first tendrils of autumn and winter are being felt. The heat has left the suns rays and the late nights of daylight are coming to an end as the nights quickly draw in. Before 8pm last night the curtains were closed and the lights were on, it was too dark to not react. When did this change begin, was it 21 days ago?? We know that the nights will get longer during September, however, does this rapidly increasing time of darkness not seem more pronounced and earlier?

The shops are carrying on as normal, the first signs of Christmas are appearing, Christmas flyers and catalogues are becoming more pronounced. A trip to a local supermarket, or even convenience store, will show shelves emptying and the tops of freezers being readied for extra treats. A trip of a week or so ago led to the first box of Mince Pies being bought, and even a local, village, chemist is now selling a few extras for Christmas. All of this means the excitement has arrived, but, are shopkeepers now taking advantage of the 21 day change and being able to start their Christmas run up earlier? I adore the run up to Christmas, as October and November advance I get like a child in a Sweet Shop on “Sweet Shop Friday”, but is mid-september not just a trifle early? I appreciate that I can always get happy over Christmas, however, there remains a part of me that is already Christmas Fatigued as the shops push that season earlier and earlier. Selfridges and Harrods opened their respective Christmas Worlds at the end of July and beginning of August, in London, but, is this not just a gimick to pull in the shoppers, the tourists who expect this. Are other shops doing the same? that is really taking advantage of the shift, already we seem to be enjoying Christmas in July as Australia has this, but, they have it because of the weather, we have it…..because we can!!!

So, let us go back to the 21 days. What does this really mean? 21 days it doesn’t sound a lot, 3 weeks, that is all. But what is three weeks, they are nearly a month, so children going back to school in very early September are seeing weather early, suddenly early September warm sun is not around and we are seeing weather from the end of the month. Putting this is in very understandable words, Christmas Day on the 25th December is seeing the weather normally associated with mid January, is this not now into prime cold and snowy conditions? Christmas Day was, often wet, but not to bad, will it now be cold and snowy?

I will end with questions are the seasons changing, is it by such a precise time of 21 days, is this change a result of man’s abuse of the planet and the changing temperatures because of this??? A worrying thought if this is the case.

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