Perception, What is it Really

What is it about people Perception that models the way they see things? Can Perception be used to influence how people think of something?

Here is an example………………..

There is a Disco company called “The Not Very Good Disco Company!!” their website is , at no point do they do anything to raise the Perception or expectation. They say we are Not Very Good, so anything above that is a bonus!!

And here is where Perception comes into play, the influencing of a persons feeleings and thoughts. They could have had a name such as “The Magic Disco” or “The Great Disco” theses are catchy names, the conjur up images of magic or a very good disco. Are they as easily remembered as “The Not Very Good Disco Company” or do they fall into the raft of Discos, with lovely names that are so easily forgotten? Is a name such as “The Magic Disco” not already, maybe unconcioiusly, raising the expectation as apparently it is Magic??

The Not Very Good Disco Company say they are not very good, even their website domain is is this not a more easily remembered name, does the mere name not arise interest?? How can a company actually advertise that they are not very good? You want to use them just to see if it is true!!

This is perception, and how it can be subtely altered with very small tweaks, “The Not Very Good Disco Company” are actually very good indeed, and they know this, why else would they openely state that they are bad? it is a reverse Physcology thing, and is that not how Perception works?

Let’s take perception a step further. Are the products at Fortnum and Mason any better than those at Tesco or even Aldi? Surely a pack of Expresso coffee, using Arabica beans is the same type of coffee in different bags. The Perception is however that if the coffee come from Fortnum it must be better than the cheap version at Aldi, are other peoples coffee just a poor imitation, surely Fortnum is the best? Why? it is because our Perception is that it must be? A childs Fisher Price toy is the same toy, exactly the same toy, whether it is from Harrods or Toys R Us, is not still the same toy, albeit at Harrods it will be more expensive? In society there are people whos Perception says “use Harrods, it must be better!” There are also people in society who can absolutely see they are identical products, their level of Perception is not as easily influenced.

Fortum and mason
The known Blue to influence Perception

So, are there times when an accurate perception is vital? In court a jury, or just a judge, surely cannot be influenced by perception? A defendant dressed badly surely does not make them guilty? Very wealthy people often dress badly and shabbily. John Steinbeck did and was told in Travels With Charley. A perception of a person is sometimes a very bad thing. However, it is still important at times. Perception of a politician is important to weed out what is really being said. Perception of a builder, maybe based on experience, is often bad, for a good reason, but, the Perception can also lead to selection of a good builder. As a parent I had to use pereption about the children’s schools. I could read all of the prospectuses I liked, however, actually visiting the school led to the cementing of the initial perception, and it not always good, my youngest child did not attend the most lo0cal junior school, because the Perception, upon visiting, did not instill confidence. Is this really Perception though, a 6th sense, or feeling often leads to a decison. Is this not actually where the brain is setting the Perception though?


Here is the final deduction from this………….

Perception shapes our thinking, it puts the initial thoughts had over something, or somewhere, to the very forefront. Often our Perception is not correct, but, based upon external influences or heresay. Our “gut feelng” is often more correct and then can influence the Perception going forward. I feel Perception is needed, it shapes our feelings,, our initial thoughts, but, the Perception gives an overall view of something from others experience. A “Gut Reaction” is very important, and often correct. The Perception can then be added to give a rounded view.


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