If I Were a Rich Man

What would you do If You Were a Rich (Wo)Man? What “If I Were a Rich Man” is all that you desire?

Topol bases his thoughts around having money, being a wealthy Man, and the trappings this attracts. However is Rich an amount of money, is wealth a tangible thing to be measured by the zero’s after an amount in a bank account??

Here is the real question…………. is wealth, or Rich, measured by a physical amount of money?

In many circles,and often to ourselves, having lots of physical money, “A small fortune” according to Topol, is the answer to all issues, but is it?

if you won the lottery at the weekend, say £10 Million in the bank, would this be overall wealth or just a number in the bank?

Without a doubt worrying continually about the need for money, how the bills will be met, and if you can Heat or Eat, is a huge drain oin a person. The never ending robbing of Peter to pay Paul is a hugely worrying and time consuming problem. If that disappeared would just having the money be enough to make us wealthy?

Let us go back to the lottery win. £10 Million just there to be spent, saved or given; but, I say winning £10 Million is fabulous, however, will also lead to eventual depression and issues.

What would you do? Let’s see……..

Firstly you would buy the “House on the Hill” say for £1.5 Million.

A decent holiday and time away – £500K.

Nice Cars – £1 Million.

Flitter Money – £1 Million.

So, we have very easily spent £4 Million, but, there is still £6 Million sat in the bank. Properly invested it should make about 6%, compound, or simply £370K a year, without ever touching the millions. That is £7100 a week, could you spend that? £28K a month!! So here is why there is a problem.

There is £6 Million in the bank, you have bought the house, cars and holidays. There is flitter money to spend on anything. What ambition or aspirations are left? How long will it be before boredom sets in. All the talk of “It won’t change me” is total rubbish. How can that amount not change you. So all the old issues of before are gone, wiped out, now there are new ones. Everyone you know will expect you just to pay everything. People you have never heard of will propose all sorts of ways to “spend” the money, on them!! And how will you feel? it would be natural to think you need to pay everything, natural to want to give people money. very quickly the continual pressure of other peoples wants will drive you to become very introverted and eventually never leave your new palace in case others start with their never ending wants.

And this new pressure will cause depression, you will wish you had never won £10 Million and still struggled everyday. Why? Because then people did not want your wealth, they jus wanted to be a friend. The honesty of those days is gone.

So, is being Rich purely based on Money, do not misunderstand me, if someone wants to donate me a few million pounds, I will manage on their behalf, but will I be rich?

Is wealth not a mind set. If you have health and family, a few friends also, is that not wealth?

You have these things, so you are wealthy. Does the homelss person, living under the arches not measure their wealth on other things. Do they not feel wealthy when someone gives them a coffee or sandwich, physical money is not a measure for them. The expectation of their life is different. Doing something important to them will make them feel Rich, or, Wealthy.

When I wake up in the morning, and a new day is here, if my health is allowing me to feel alright. Do I not have wealth? Is the wealth not further enhanced by turning and seeing my Wife, and hearing the children. Is not having these people not making me Rich??

What about at work, if a project is going well, colleagues making you happy, and managers being pleased, is this not wealth as well? If the personal situation and work are added together is this not being Rich, or wealthy, beyond your wildest dreams?

And here is the bottom line, “If I Were a Rich Man”, maybe we all are Rich in our own worlds and ways. Everyone from the Tramp under the Arches to the Industrialist with millions in the bank. We are all just one step from being that tramp or leader of business. The tramp could find the infamous lottery ticket tomorrow, the business leader could see it all go to pot and fail. However, with our health and family we are surely the “Rich Man” that Topol wants to be.

Are we not there??

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