25th May 2017

I choose the date as a title as it has been a very sad week, and yet personally I am happy to now be launching this site.

The week has been marred by the atrocities that occurred in Manchester, not just a suicide bomber, but an attack aimed at the young, or at best youth, of the country. I know many were young enough to have their parents with them, but I feel that was just a bonus to the bomber.

Can these actions, the feeling that blowing oneself up, ever be justified?

To me there is a double problem here, can any bomb ever be justified, or shall we always view this as a terrorist tool, and at the same time a suicide bomber, like the Kamikaze of the second world war, cannot answer for their crimes. However, and I apologise up front if I am wrong, what is the mindset, the very cause that has made a person a fanatic, to the extent that in their eyes they are being correct and in the afterlife will be rewarded?

I cannot justify the actions of the, so claimed, fanatic who has done this. I have tried using logic, humanity and even looked at desperation, to try to understand what has driven the bomber to do this, and I CANNOT. For that belief of mine I make no apologies. I feel that regardless of the struggle, the never ending battle against whoever, how can it ever be justified for a person to blow themselves up, and by doing so ensure that innocent people will die or be maimed. Even those physically unharmed will carry the mental wounds of the day. Those not there will be affected. The friends and family will become ruined, the schools and workplaces of victims will be shocked and shaken. For members of the general public, the news is horrific and the reminder constant. Suddenly armed police and soldiers are patrolling the streets, and, media are continually discussing things.

So, the first post of a new blog is somewhat depressing, but, under the circumstances it is needed. I must stress, here and now, whilst I have no political leanings, or cause empathy particularly, I am stating my disgust and sadness at the atrocities. There is, and can be, no justification or sympathy for this type of terrorist act.

I will finish here, but I want it to be known, I am upset about the events that have taken place…………

One thought on “25th May 2017

  1. A rant a day keeps a nervous breakdown at bay……
    You make some interesting (good) points.
    Have a great day – let’s send love to all who have been touched by the events in Manchester.

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