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Because I am a 48 year old man who spends the year looking towards Christmas!! There, I have said it, the run up to Christmas is the best time there is. It is said Christmas is the most wonerful time of the year, I say the excitement surrounding the run up, from about October until the Big Day, is really the most wonderful time of the year, the anticipation and never ending surprises are magical, or am i wrong?

So, playing devils advocate, is it all the best time, or is it just a hyped-up spending extravaganza, that leaves many people in more debt, and more worried? Is it a time of year that highlights any, however small, cracks in a person and then takes advantage of the situation? Is it Christmas that is wonderful or the build up, and the wonderful bit ends Christmas Day?

Christmas starts earlier and earlier, indeed this year (2017), True Movies became True Christmas on only the 2nd October!! So between now and New Year we can watch 24 hours of Christmas films, continually, 24/7 never stopping!! Is this too much?

If we look at things is it not the expectation that causes both this great feeling on the one hand, and dire misery on the other? Think about it………..

Christmas opens up everyone to disappointment, even in a very basic form, children produce a list, that is more and more extravagent, and parents try to fulfil this. When they can’t disappointment is guaranteed. People like me hate the let down, and will do anything possible to deliver the list as wanted, regardless of the money we just do, because we cannot deal with the disappointment shown by others. Is not the only person really suffering here the delivey person, the “me” trying and trying to not let anyone down? It is no wonder suicide rates climb so much over Christmas!! Is the time from Christmas Day onwards not dire??

Now, I have a few tips here to avoid this situation –

  • DO NOT take children to visit Santa, either in a shop, or mall or even at the North Pole, with anything less than a week to go until the Big Day, why you ask?? When the Big Guy says “What would you like for Christmas??” you can guarentee that Little Suzie, or Johnnie, will then announce something you have never considered. Something that was inundating the shops, until now!! With 7 days to go you have a chance, trips to Santa on Christmas Eve – NO!!!
  • Avoid trying to out do “the Joneses”, if they have a light extravaganza on the house, just enjoy it, and remember it is their electric bill!! Climbing up to try and beat it will definitely end badly, probably in A&E, and at least with a huge electric bill. If it matters so much get the professionals in to do things!!
  • Keep a tight hold of your purse,or bag, at Christmas Light switch on, any fairground attraction is double the price of normal and the petty thief is also very active.
  • Keep a tight hold of children at Christmas Light swith ons, or else you will turn around and find they are on rides, holding bags of sweets for you to buy, or raffle tickets that cost a fortune!!
  • If you are asked for a particular thing, say a certain make of jeans, do not try to hand over an alternative, exactly the same but without the label that counts. Dissapointment is guaranteed!!
  • Never make a list yourself. If someone has thought of you, and decided that a 20p Bic Biro is what you need, that is great, it is as good as a £300 Monteblanc pen, they have thought about what you need and given it over. If you have paperwork everywhere it could be paper-clips, is this not a better gift than something you could buy yourself? The contributor has thought of you, end of!! If you have a list, and it is not fulfilled, who is let down?
  • Enjoy Christmas on pure face value, if you have no expectations they cannot be shattered like an ornament on the tree!!
  • And talking of trees,real or artificial, huge or tiny, look at it with joy, it is decorated as you, or the children wanted, end of, it does not matter what others think!!
  • NEVER, NEVER make New Year resolutions, they are setting you up to fail, for sure!!

I could go on and on here, however, here is the bottom line, the real deal………….

Christmas is coming, like it or not!! The children are going to start, list of Argos pages will appear. Christmas films start on the telly, and music on the radio. So try to enjoy things, it may well be hard, but remember, it is only ONE big day and a few Bank Holidays, there are still 358 days without Christmas to contend with. When Christmas films are on, or Christmas music, of which Fairytale of New York is the best, sit back, reflect on the year and forget things, they have happened and cannot be changed, so enjoy the now.

And finally, I urge you to remember, regardless of religion or belief, that Christmas is here to celebrate the birth of Christ, allegedly the son of the Lord Himself, whether he was or not, a child was born about 2000 years ago and named Jesus, we know that is fact, everything else may just be like Chinese Whispers, however, we get a few days off the roundabout because of this, and a few days of extravagance as a result. Whoever this child was, they have given us Christmas.

I think the expression is “Eat, Drink and be Merry!!!”


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