There are no Bounds other than how far your imagination will stretch.

Look outside, see the sky, that really is the limit!!


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Independence, a noun, the state of being Independent. But what then is Independent, it could be the adjective, Free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority, or the noun again, An independent person or body. What is clear from the very basic meaning of the word is that is stands for the act of … Continue reading Independence

You have 15 Minutes!!

I am a Dictator from the Planet Zog, you have 15 minutes to gather what you want, 3 things, then you are leaving, ready or not!!! Zog is no more and Earth looks like a nice planet for my home now……….. Actually I feel generous, it is a nice day, you have 30 minutes and … Continue reading You have 15 Minutes!!

Retail is not about shopping.

What is this madness, how can retail not be about shopping? Retail IS shops and shopping, or is it………….. Let’s go back a good few years, of course reatil was about shopping, we went to the High Street shop, like a Woolworths or a C&A and bought what was needed, Woolworths was famous for their … Continue reading Retail is not about shopping.

What is Christmas………..

Everytime i turn on the televison all I now see is things for Christmas!! But is Christmas a time of the year to wait with baited breath for, or is it actually a real problem because of the expectations it brings forward? Is it a time to be rejoiced or feared? Let’s just view the … Continue reading What is Christmas………..

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