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What is Christmas………..

Everytime i turn on the televison all I now see is things for Christmas!! But is Christmas a time of the year to wait with baited breath for, or is it actually a real problem because of the expectations it brings forward? Is it a time to be rejoiced or feared? Let’s just view the … Continue reading What is Christmas………..

Perception, What is it Really

What is it about people Perception that models the way they see things? Can Perception be used to influence how people think of something? Here is an example……………….. There is a Disco company called “The Not Very Good Disco Company!!” their website is www.notverygood.co.uk , at no point do they do anything to raise the … Continue reading Perception, What is it Really

Christmas is coming!!!

ITS CHRISTMAS!!! SANTAAAAA HERE, I KNOW HIM,  I’M A COTTON HEADED NINNY-MUGGINS…………. Because I am a 48 year old man who spends the year looking towards Christmas!! There, I have said it, the run up to Christmas is the best time there is. It is said Christmas is the most wonerful time of the year, … Continue reading Christmas is coming!!!


As the seasons change and the season of Summer moves into Autumn is it still correct to view the times of change as set in stone?   A few weeks ago, on one of the morning television Chat Shows, an “old time” farmer was explaining that the seasons had come to fruition 21 (twenty one) … Continue reading Seasons

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