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There are no Bounds other than how far your imagination will stretch.

Look outside, see the sky, that really is the limit!!


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As the seasons change and the season of Summer moves into Autumn is it still correct to view the times of change as set in stone?   A few weeks ago, on one of the morning television Chat Shows, an “old time” farmer was explaining that the seasons had come to fruition 21 (twenty one) … Continue reading Seasons

If I Were a Rich Man

What would you do If You Were a Rich (Wo)Man? What “If I Were a Rich Man” is all that you desire? Topol bases his thoughts around having money, being a wealthy Man, and the trappings this attracts. However is Rich an amount of money, is wealth a tangible thing to be measured by the … Continue reading If I Were a Rich Man

Sweet Shop Friday!!

I want to remind people of their childhood………….. How many of us were taken to the Sweet Shop on a Friday, after school, clutching our pennies in hand as we went into the sweetshop to spend this money upon sweets for the weekend? I clearly remember my infant school days, in the village I grew … Continue reading Sweet Shop Friday!!

Story time…….

We all have a story, it is made up of the events that have happened to shape us. It is growing all the time and reflects “Us” to the rest of the world. What if we don’t like the story, or there are events that are part of it that we wish never happened?? How … Continue reading Story time…….

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